Associazione Nazionale Alpini | group of Ferrere

Address: Via IV Novembre, 14, 14012 Ferrere AT, Italia

Local group of the Associazione Nazionale Alpini.

From the memoirs of Giuanin (Carlevero Giovanni):

“The first meeting in which Ferrere took part is the Rome meeting of 1932, even though the birth of the Ferrere Group belonging to the Asti section dates back to 1947 with the president Povero Giuseppe.

The group underwent a renewal in 1952 with the president Novarino Secondo.

In 1980, through a door-to-door collection of funds that involved the whole village, the monument was created, inaugurated on 13-07-1980, still on display in the Parish with the background of Castelrosso.

The celebrations ended with a mammoth lunch with over four hundred people who occupied three restaurants.

The current group from Ferrere participates every year in the meetings, presided over by Pierluigi Molino called “Nin”.

In 2017 the celebrations were held for the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the group, in the presence of the mayor Dr. Silvio Maria Tealdi, also an Alpine, and of the provincial, regional and national offices of the National Alpini Association.

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