Ferrere Civil Protection

Address: Via IV Novembre, 14, 14012 Ferrere AT, Italia
Tel: 328 7654042
Email: municipio@comune.ferrere.at.it

The Volunteer Group of Civil Protection was established by City Council Resolution no. 16 of May 31, 2006, and with Resolution No. 28 of 2016 becomes a Municipal Group registered on the Regione Piemonte lists.

The Group is able to cope with civil protection activities and tasks as defined in art. 3 of the Law n. 225 of 1992 and, in particular, to preventive and rescue activities and collaboration with the Municipal Administration on the occasion of anniversaries, events or anything else that could directly involve the Municipal Group.

In emergency situations the Group operates directly under the mayor as municipal civil protection authority according to national, regional and provincial regulations.

The group coordinator is Mr. Gianni Vantaggiato, deputy coordinator Fabrizio Scattaglia. The volunteers are:

Allemandi Stefano, Benotto Modesto, Bordiga Filippo, Bossotto Claudio, Demarie Christian, Franzero Filippo, Migliasso Domenico, Perucca AnnaMaria, Viglione Franco, Vittorio Giovanni.

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