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Address: Via Albanj, 75, 14012 Ferrere AT, Italia
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Associazione turistica Pro Loco Ferrere's bar.

The Pro Loco of Ferrere was established on June 8, 1968, by a group of 37 founders who signed, in the presence of the then mayor cav. Povero Secondo and of the municipal secretary of Ferrere, the deed of incorporation and the statute of the Association, created to promote the tourist, sporting, recreational and cultural activity of Ferrere.

On February 22, 2000, the shareholders' meeting approved the constitution by public deed drawn up by the notary Giorgio Gili of Asti, and approved the current name (Associazione Pro Loco di Ferrere) and the latest amendments to the bylaws.

The first seat was obtained in a part of "Casa Carolina", a building belonging to the Castelvecchio, municipal property, and the main events took place in the square in front of the building.

In the mid-eighties the Municipality of Ferrere bought some land in Via Albanj, to be used as a sports field and entrusted the part not occupied by the soccer field to the pro loco that built the current headquarters and the bowls fields. With the acquisition by the Municipality of additional portions of land and the construction of the social center, we arrive at the current configuration of municipal sports facilities.

There are soccer fields, tennis, volleyball, bocce, as well as a multi-purpose concrete track and a small playground for children. In the buildings are located the headquarters, the bar and the kitchen of the pro loco, meeting rooms, changing rooms and various services.

The association currently manages all the municipal sports facilities of Via Albanj which, with the adjoining bar of the club staff, open every afternoon and evening, is one of the main meeting points of Ferrere inhabitants.

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