Monumento ai Piemontesi nel mondo (Monument to the Piedmontese in the world)

Address: Piazza La Francia, 14012 Ferrere AT, Italia

Ferrere is twinned with 'La Francia' an Argentine town in the province of Cordoba.

The first meeting in Argentina took place in November 1997. In Italy, the relative oath of brotherhood was sanctioned on August 30, 1998. On this date the city councilors met, our then Mayor Milvia Carra Bonello and all the representation of the Municipality of France including their Mayor Carlos Umberto Tassi.

The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Argentine government, the Italian government, the council of the Piedmont region, the council of the province of Asti, the authorities of the local institutions of Asti, the parish of San Secondo di Ferrere and the diocese of Asti.

Also, present was the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Prof. Rita Levi Montalcini, who returned for the occasion to Ferrere after 70 years.

The session opened with the welcome of our Mayor to the Argentine delegation and the handing over of the keys of the country to the Mayor of France.

The important event is also commented on by Dr. Michele Colombino, President of the Italian Piedmontese Family Worldwide.

It continued with the reading and tribute of the decree put in place at the meeting.

• Monument to the Piedmontese in the world (Monumento ai Piemontesi nel mondo)

Monumento ai Piemontesi nel mondo (Monument to the Piedmontese in the world) was built in 1998 on a project by the architect Filippo Balla, to celebrate the Twinning between Ferrere and La Francia (Argentina); although apparently the work appears to be characterized by particular simplicity, each element of this artefact has a specific meaning.

The materials used for the realization are common, known and known by anyone, as well as the shapes and proportions: this in the intent to adopt an expressive language that finds the widest understanding and that also finds different 'levels' of understanding from the most superficial to the deepest, to still give an answer to the observer.

The monument consists of four brick columns that arise from a base that contains some earth from Ferrere and partly from France so that the common bond that is the spirit of twinning is emphasized.

The number of bricks used in the construction of the columns is equal to the number of inhabitants of Ferrere: in this way we want to mean the participation and involvement of the whole population in the initiative. Reclaimed bricks were used, deliberately not cleaned in such a way that each of them was the bearer of its own history and the signs that characterized its life.

The columns have different and increasing heights and are connected to each other by an iron element: the different heights of the same transmit the impression of a 'growth' that has common roots and is favored by mutual bonds (the iron elements). The first and the last column are not connected to each other: the lower one represents the birth which by its very nature is spontaneous, magical and sometimes inexplicable ... that is, without the ties that precede it. The tallest column is the arrival point of a path of growth that has now reached maturity: it represents the knowledge and experience transmitted to those who come later. The iron connections that connect the columns are left to oxidize naturally to express the external elements that attack the bonds: if these actions are such as to affect only superficially the bond, this not only does not yield but is strengthened and leaves its mark on individuals as rust spots dripping on the columns.

In the final analysis, the sight of the monument recalls the men who, born in Piedmont, went around the world bringing their stories and experiences, growing themselves and allowing the growth of the countries in which they settled: men who kept firm the bonds between them and with the homeland.

Decennial of the twinning

In November 2007 a delegation from Ferrara with the deputy mayor architect Filippo Balla were welcomed by the authorities of France for the tenth anniversary of the twinning.

In 2008, the visit for the 10th anniversary celebration was reciprocated in August always during the celebrations of S. Agostino.

On August 30, 2008, on the occasion of the ceremony for the tenth anniversary in Italy, in the presence of provincial and municipal authorities, the two Mayors Federico Felicetti and Carlos Tassi, the square adjacent to the Piedmontese monument in the world was entitled "France".

In renewing the sentiments of esteem that bind the two administrations the Ferrere community and the La Francia community, they have strengthened the bonds of friendship, brotherhood and solidarity that have sprung up between numerous fellow citizens of the two countries.

Some trips to Italy by the Argentines (2013 and 2015) followed, again due to the strong will of the mayor Carlos Tassi.

In February 2016 a delegation of 20 Ferreresi including the Mayor dr. Silvio Maria Tealdi and the councilor Dr. Tiziana Viglione, was greeted with three days of intense celebrations.

The installation of the new Mayor of France Fernanda Grimaldi, also of clear Italian origin, was celebrated with exchanges of plaques and tributes, inviting her to Italy in 2018 for the twentieth anniversary of the twinning.

• Twenty years of twinning

In September 2017, the Mayor dr. Silvio Maria Tealdi, accompanied by the student Laura D'Agostin, who in the context of a cultural exchange stayed in France for 30 days, celebrated, representing the whole Ferrerese community, the twentieth anniversary of the twinning between the two countries, together with the current steward of France prof. Fernanda Grimaldi.

Recalling the first trip to Argentina in 1997 in which Milvia Carra Bonello Mayor of Ferrere and Carlos Humberto Tassi Mayor of France, for the first time sealed, with their signatures, the twinning pact between the two countries, in front of all Argentine authorities from the province of Cordoba took part in five days of celebrations and interactions.

These days have been important for strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two countries and have led to an exchange of cultures and experiences.

From 20 to 26 August 2018 a delegation of 20 Argentines was in Ferrere to exchange the visit and participate in the twentieth anniversary of the twinning in Italy.

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